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Who are we? 
We are four Parisian students, following different ways and studies, but bound by the same feeling of injustice in front of the Ranucci case. We began to work on this project in 2001. We also organized a conference at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) in 2002.

Since the beginning of this action, we have received many messages of support from all kind of people, from students who study the case at school, from older people who remember the case, even from foreigners who can draw some parallels with other domestic affairs.  

What is our objective?
We do not assert Christian Ranucci is innocent. Our aim is to allow him, even twenty five years after his death, to have a fair trial. Behind every action stands the need to make his memory live. Sinking into oblivion would be the second death of Christian Ranucci.

Summary of the Ranucci case:
On Monday, 3rd of June, 1974, Marie-Dolores Rambla, a little girl, is kidnapped by a man in a housing estate of Marseille. She is found two days later, stabbed, between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

Christian Ranucci, a twenty-year-old man who took flight after a car-accident near the place where the body was found, is arrested after the testimony of a man and his wife.

After twenty hours of questioning, he admits to have murdered the child but then retracts.

From now on, the judiciary clockworks are at work but many facts are swept aside, and only the elements consistent with his guilt are taken into account for the inquiry.

At the end of his trial - marked with popular anger and after a press campaign supporting his execution - Christian Ranucci is sentenced to death.

President Giscard d’Estaing refuses to pardon him and his head his chopped off, guillotined, on the 28th of July, 1976.

In 1978, Jean-Denis Bredin, a great French lawyer, asks a famous writer -also former lawyer- to cast an eye on the Ranucci case. At first sceptical, Gilles Perrault discovers and highlights some striking facts concerning the murder and the inquiry. To quote some examples:

-         The witnesses of the kidnapping did not recognize Christian Ranucci;

-         The car of the man who kidnapped the child (a Simca 1100) wasn’t Ranucci’s;

-         A red pull-over discovered near the place of the crime and which allowed the police dog to find the body is not Ranucci’s;

-         A man with a red pull-over and driving Simca 1100 had been seen in the days before the crime trying to force children to get in his car. And that man was not Christian Ranucci

Gilles Perrault’s book has upset a generation of French people, opposed to death penalty and believing in the right for a man in a republic to have a fair trial.

Many attempts asked and pushed for a new trial, many people from different horizons have tried to stress the wrong functioning of the inquiry and of the trial, but all these efforts remain without reward.

We do believe that Justice finds part of its strength in admitting its weaknesses. We do believe that even today, Christian Ranucci and his mother deserve attention from the French Justice. We do believe that if Christian Ranucci was guilty, nothing allows to be certain of his guilt. A young man might have been killed while innocent because the police, the media, the government needed a culprit.

We invite you to support the campaign for the revision of the trial of Christian Ranucci.

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